CHUiSAVER Energy now offers a better, more social buying experience.
Here's how...

We compare gas and electricity prices from every single provider

Yep - all of them.

Most comparison services only compare suppliers who pay to present their products. We show the real picture on products and pricing by comparing all generally available residential gas and electricity market rates from every single energy company in Australia.

Useful tools that show the real picture on pricing

Filter products based on your preferences, how often you pay on time, upfront incentives, and your estimated or actual daily energy usage.

Get access to exclusive group prices

Never buy alone again.

Team up with similar households and compare against current market rates. We partner with electricity and gas providers to get cheaper rates for our users.

Privacy enabled, no pesky call backs

You should never have to provide a phone number to compare products or view group deals. We don't like pushy sales calls either.

Grouply is a Privacy By Design product which means your personal data is yours and yours alone.

'Always on' deal monitoring

Providers, products and pricing are changing all the time. Register for trusted 'always on' deal monitoring and comparisons for your property, so when things change, you'll know.